7/11/2016 John Sodden: I wish to comment on the new proposal to reopen the Train Station, I am in favour of it as it would be great for the people in the area as there is a great shortage of buses, I would give it 10/10 Thank you, John

27/06/2014: Queen’s Baton Relay and Crazy Sports, Hi Ian

Just arrived at work and saw your message the girls and I have just had a look at the photos You did a great job and have cheered everyone up here.Well done Ian !.

Agnes Gosling

27/06/2014: Queen’s Baton Relay and Crazy Sports, I would just like to say what a great day everyone had taking part in the Queens Baton Relay and Law summer fair. The pictures tell a great story. Well done to everyone who took part in organising it. 

Margaret McLuckie

14th September 2012 Comments received by our Secretary Christine during the Family Fun Day:

My Kids really enjoyed the sporting activities. ROAR were great. Ball Pit was Fab. Bouncy Castle couldn’t get my kids off. Tearoom excellent wanted more (they all worked so hard) Loved the play bus. Nice to see so many people attend event. Library bus I had no idea it came to the Village (I do now) Dancing was great. Great to see the effort that all the organisations put in. ASDA nice to see them supporting local community. Kids from School want to do this every year. Well organised, thank you to Law Community Trust for all their efforts. Hot-dogs were just the Job. My Son has put his name down for Junior Section of Bowling Club. Good to see all the children taking part. Great School. Great facilities for the Village. We need to move to the Village, everyone is so accepting and nice. Great atmosphere. CHAS really enjoyed herself, great atmosphere. Lesley Scanlan SLC, I have attended a few similar days, this was the best attended and organised and the most enjoyable. Many new sign up enquiries for all organisations.Over £900 was raised for the various organisations that attended. A great big thank you to the Community of Law for making such a success of the Family Fun Day.

14th September 2012 Margaret McLuckie, Law: I would just like to thank all of you at Law Community Trust who organised and made a great Family Fun Day possible I was there with my family and we all had a great time.

29th December 2010 Anna Wright, Law: Photographs of this year’s winner of the best decorated house for Christmas are Fab. Well done to all those who took part in the competition. There were lots of people who made a big effort in spite of the weather. I thought the Village was looking great over Christmas.

2 December 2010 Tracy Baxter, Law:  Thank you so much to Law community Trust for the beautiful gift that Courtney received for switching on the Law Christmas Lights she was over the moon at being asked to switch both sets of lights on but especially Law, because she lives here. Thank you very much for the video and photographs of the event they are brilliant and will be a good thing for Courtney to keep, she has never stopped talking about it!!!!!!! Thank you all for making her feel so special. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

20 June 2010 Margaret McLuckie, Law: Hi there, Taylor and I have just looked at the photos of the opening of the play park. It just confirms what she told us was true {she said she had a fantastic time.} It looks that every one else there had a great time too. So glad that you had such good weather for it. Keep up the good work all the best. Margaret

19 June 2010 Penny Lochhead, PMR Leisure Ltd: Hi, I have just had a look at the fantastic photos from yesterday, sorry we could not be with you all, ...if ever a Community deserved this you guys did, we are only sorry we could have not have done more for you, you are all a testament to your Community and I am sure the plans for improving the Community will not stop with this. With best wishes Penny and Wendy.

20 May 2010 Margaret McLuckie, Law: Hi just though I would like to tell you how great the new park is. We took Taylor there yesterday and she had a great time, it was very busy and all the Children seemed to be enjoying themselves. Just to say you all should be proud of yourselves for the finished product after all your hard work. Margaret

4 May 2010 Penny and Wendy, PMR Leisure Ltd: Dear All, Penny and I were delighted to see that all your hard work has paid off and you have have succeeded in getting new Play Park Equipment for the play park and even before it is officially open the Children seem to be enjoying it! We wish you well with your future projects. Kind regards and best wishes Penny and Wendy.

30 April 2010 Laura Coyle, Law: I think the new play park looks great and I hope the kids really enjoy it. Can you tell me if the fencing will be cleared away soon or put back up until the park is completed. I think it’s great the kids are enjoying it but I doesn’t look very safe with the fences lying around.

29 April 2010 Head Teacher, Law Primary School: Concerning waste bins etc, Great result.

29 April 2010 Sarah Smith, Law: My Kids love the park and we have been down everyday to play in it! What a difference!! Great meeting point for the Mums too.

28 April 2010 Ian Campbell, Law Community Trust: After correspondence with Councillor Ian Gray (SNP) and a phone call from Councillor David Shearer (SNP)  I have been assured that the play park and all paths/lane will be swept today and that 4-5 new waste bins will be installed as soon as possible.

27 April 2010 Lynne Steer, Lanark: Congratulations! The park looks wonderful. You must be delighted! I am Secretary for Lanark Play parks Action Group and we are at an earlier stage in the same process. We are at initial design stage and just starting to apply for funding. We would be very interested in finding out more about your project and the process behind your success. Many thanks and once again, well done! Kind regards Lynne Steer

26 April 2010 Sandra Cross, Law: Hi thanks for the reply I think the work you guys are doing is very important and well developed and would be happy to volunteer services if needed for fundraising or for events that you do for parts.

26 April 2010 Sandra Cross, Law: Hi as I was looking through the website I noticed that the trust is very focused on providing new benches etc to the area and making the area look better however one of my main concerns in the village was the swing park which has obviously been revised and is actually really great for the kids but the park lane from that park is an absolute state covered in glass and all sorts. There are no bins for dogs up in the park or down the lane and the one bin that there actually is, is rarely empty is there any plans for a refurbishment at this area??

26 April 2010 Ruth O’Rafferty, Law Ref: It seems the Children have unofficially opened Law Play Park

Yes, well done and thanks so much! My boys went to investigate with their friends on Sunday afternoon and said “there were so many Children there they couldn’t get onto anything”! Great news!!

19 March  2010 Ruth Hart, Law: I am very interested in the petition to reopen Law Rail Station, as a lot of newcomers to the area or interested in buying a new home are not a two car Family and looking for a local train to take them to work in Glasgow.

5 December 2009 Mari Thompson, Blackburn, England: Enjoy keeping up with the Community as my Family live in Law.

16 December 2007 Jennifer (Gala Queen 2007) Dear Committee, thank you very much for inviting me to switch on the Law Lights.

I had a very exciting night. The lights are very nice and I will always remember the night I switched them on. The car was lovely. Apart from the Gala Day it’s the only time I have been in a fancy car. A BIG thank you to Santa because he guided me every step of the way and kept me company.

I would also like to say thank you very much for the vouchers you gave me. It was very Kind of you. With them I bought a dress for my Christmas Parties. I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks again Jennifer x x

PS My family and I would like to thank you for the CD of photographs you gave to me. They will be nice to keep.

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